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Ronald Karel
Scientific Researcher & Novelist   


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Earthquakes cost tens of thousands of lives in the whole world. All scientific research that allows the pre-determination of earthquakes before they happen must be tried. Even if any scientific research has the possibility of saving one single human life, obstructing this work must be deemed as a crime against humanity

Life is a Continuum. Life of a human being does not end. Our soul continuously changes its shell, but does not die. In other words, the soul that we call “I” never dies Psychologists and psychiatrists cannot give their patients the necessary treatment if they do not believe in the immortality of the soul.

About Me

Seismic precursors are the early warning signs before an earthquake strikes. Many different types of earthquake precursors have been studied by the scientific community: ground movements, seismic signals, fluid or gas emissions, electrical signals, thermal signals, animal behavior, etc. 

During the NASA laboratory experiments... January and February 2015

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I have dual French-Turkish citizenship and have had a long-standing interest in meteorology, particularly in clouds and unusual cloud formations. At the age of 13-­‐14, I began performing weather forecasts across my native Turkey. At age 16, in the afternoon of 28 March In 1970, I noticed strange “non­‐meteorological clouds” above Istanbul. During the following night, a disastrous magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck nearby Gediz. The same method, looking for unusual cloud formations, led to several more earthquake predictions. Over the years I have traveled to different countries in Europe to talk about my approach. I visited WMO in Geneva, UNESCO in Paris, Imperial University in London, and other organizations but no one wanted to listen. However, in the early 1970s, the technology was not yet advanced enough to capture abnormal weather conditions. During my military service in Askale/Erzurum, Turkey, in the mid-1970s I further developed my “meteoquake” theory. However, I continued to be rejected for over 30 years. From the University of Jussieu in Paris to the New York University in New York City, to the Russian Academy of Sciences and NOAA in Boulder, Colorado, USA, no organization showed interest. In 2006 I created the Meteoquake Research Centre in London and the International Society for Earthquake Precursors, which has been joined by many scientists from around the world. I participated in the 2006 IUGG Conference in Perugia, İtaly, and the first DEMETER Workshop 2007 in Toulouse, France. Recently Dr. Friedemann Freund of NASA provided evidence that massive air ionization at the ground-­to­‐air interface may be linked to the build-up of tectonic stresses in the Earth’s crust prior to major earthquakes, thereby providing for the first time a physical explanation for unusual cloud formations. Since then, several research groups around the world have started to express interest in the Meteoquake theory. 

I also published 2 books, in 1983 in France "Les Yeux Jaunes" fiction-politic -Yellow Eyes- and in 2014 " Deprem Habercisi Bulut " in Turkey which means "The cloud which Announces the Earthquake". My recent book is White Birds - A romantic-love book with a lot of surprises. I will continue to write.















I also strongly believe in Life after Life. NDEs were also in my research field.

Near-death experiences (NDEs) are profound and often life-changing events that occur to some individuals who have been close to death or have clinically died but are later revived. These experiences can vary significantly from person to person, but they often involve a range of common elements such as a feeling of peace, a sense of leaving the body, moving through a tunnel, encountering deceased loved ones, and experiencing a powerful, loving presence.

Many individuals who have had near-death experiences report a heightened sense of love and interconnectedness during their encounters. This feeling of love is often described as more intense and unconditional than any they have experienced in their earthly lives. Near-death experiencers frequently speak of a profound connection to a divine or universal source of love and describe it as a transformative and deeply spiritual encounter.

The concept of "life after life" and the "white light" often relate to near-death experiences (NDEs) and spiritual beliefs. NDEs are reported by some individuals who have been on the brink of death or have experienced a clinical death and then recovered. During these experiences, people often describe encountering a bright, radiant light or entering into a realm of profound peace and love.

In various accounts of NDEs, individuals may describe passing through a tunnel or being drawn toward a brilliant white light. This light is often associated with feelings of warmth, love, and a sense of connection to something greater than oneself. Many people interpret this light as a representation of the afterlife or a transition to another realm of existence.

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