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Will be published on 10 November 2023 

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Discover a tale that transcends borders and beliefs, as the author delves into the immortal essence of the human spirit. Set in the heart of the Middle East, the novel unfolds a poignant love story between the daughter of an Israeli minister and a young Palestinian man. Against a backdrop of unforeseen events, the author weaves a narrative that emphasizes the significance of spiritual love, rarely found in traditional novels.
Originally penned in French in 1991 while in Belgium, the author kept this captivating story hidden until now, reshaping its contents before deciding to share it with the world. Within the pages of this masterpiece, love, ambition, war, pain, faith, and even science fiction converge, creating a gripping tapestry that demands attention.
Embark on a journey through the remarkable pages of White Birds, where love knows no boundaries and two pure souls are bound by an unbreakable bond. Witness as they face insurmountable challenges in a world that tests their passion and devotion. This extraordinary book is a treasure trove of emotions, offering an unforgettable reading experience.

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Everyone who believes in immortality and says 'I believe there will be something after death' should read this book. Reincarnation and afterlife are ingrained in the spirit of the book. This work, which takes readers to completely different worlds with different stories, was written by the author of the book White Birds. Unexpected and extraordinary events that happen in a small Italian village take the reader to countries far away from the village.

Love, war, and suffering, accompanied by science fiction, add a completely different color to the book. Where is My Soul is a masterpiece.

Near-death experiences (NDEs) are profound and often life-changing events that occur to some individuals who have been close to death or have clinically died but are later revived. These experiences can vary significantly from person to person, but they often involve a range of common elements such as a feeling of peace, a sense of leaving the body, moving through a tunnel, encountering deceased loved ones, and experiencing a powerful, loving presence.

Many individuals who have had near-death experiences report a heightened sense of love and interconnectedness during their encounters. This feeling of love is often described as more intense and unconditional than any they have experienced in their earthly lives. Near-death experiencers frequently speak of a profound connection to a divine or universal source of love and describe it as a transformative and deeply spiritual encounter.

The concept of "life after life" and the "white light" often relate to near-death experiences (NDEs) and spiritual beliefs. NDEs are reported by some individuals who have been on the brink of death or have experienced a clinical death and then recovered. During these experiences, people often describe encountering a bright, radiant light or entering into a realm of profound peace and love.

In various accounts of NDEs, individuals may describe passing through a tunnel or being drawn toward a brilliant white light. This light is often associated with feelings of warmth, love, and a sense of connection to something greater than oneself. Many people interpret this light as a representation of the afterlife or a transition to another realm of existence.

I know very well that in every corner of the world, there is a large community of people who do not believe in death, who believe that there can be another life after physical death. 

Immortality and the concept that life goes on forever.

But if immortality is proven, and I am ready to work for it with all my heart, we can change the life conditions of human beings. As hundreds of statistics show, almost all of the near-death experiencers (NDE) have started to live a more peaceful life. 

The author believes strongly Life is a Continuum. The life of a human being does not end. Our soul continuously changes its shell but does not die. In other words, the soul that we call “I” never dies

Psychologists and psychiatrists cannot give their patients the necessary treatment if they do not believe in the immortality of the soul.

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Where is my soul? 
is published in all amazons worldwide.

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white birds

Already published

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This is NOT the original cover of the book. I don't find anymore the original cover, but it is nearly similar.

The Cloud Which Announces Earthquake

published year 2014

He fell in love with clouds in his single digit ages. He was expelled from his school because of this passion of his, as he showed no interest in his classes but fooled around with clouds. He discovered the first earthquake clouds during those years when he was expelled from school...

Taking his family, his teachers, friends and the scientific community against himself, Ronald Karel replaced the loves of his childhood and youth with the earthquake-atmosphere relationship. He dedicated his life to researching clouds.

Touring the World in his young age and under very difficult conditions to gather materials for earthquake work, the author researches the issue of life in the universe alongside his earthquake research.

Written in a language that anyone can comfortably understand, Earthquake Harbinger Cloud also provides surprising answers to the question of how earthquakes can be estimated.

While Karel’s cloud theory was in the agenda of many institutions, the existence of ‘ionized clouds’ was proven as a result of an experiment that will go down in history.


Published in France during 1985

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Jacques Chirac, who was not elected the first round in the French Presidential elections around 1983, sent a letter to all the militants of the RPR party for the second round, suggesting that they should not vote for Valerie Giscard d'Estaing, the head of the Republican party, of which I was a member, against the socialist Mitterrand. So she sabotaged her own partner.


Mitterand won the election. However, when Mitterrand became president, he promised that he would not get any communist ministers if he did not even get a majority in the parliament.


Even when the socialist party was able to run the country alone in the parliamentary elections, Mitterrand did not keep his word and appointed 4 communists as ministers. I got angry and wrote Les Yeux Jaunes. In Paris-New York plane I was traveling with an alien and I was complaining about the world to him. Two deputies from the Parti Republicain paid for the book.

My next books


1950's in London. A conversation between Lady Baker and Mathilda in a big flat for 72 hours. This book is not ready yet. More information will be available later in 2023.

Publisher TBD around 400 pages

An extraordinary international meeting is held in Tibet. People from different professions with high chakras, surgeons, religious people, journalists, and NDEs attend this meeting. The living conditions in our world are discussed. Then, the subject of how life in our world could be if immortality were proven is discussed.


It is concerned that there will be considerable developments in states and economies, and finally, a conclusion is reached.

It will be revealed that there is an incredible difference between the world after the proof of immortality and today's world.

Publisher TBD around 300 pages

The chapters in my autobiography THE CLOUD, which I will publish in 2024, will be as follows

1. My childhood years and my love-admiration for meteorology

2. The date that changed my life when I was 16 years old

3. My struggle with world scientists concerning my "meteoquake" theory which was unique.

4. NASA Ames and laboratory research

5. Project to set up earthquake stations to record Earthquake Preliminary Signals

6. Struggle to present "geocosmo" project to investors

7. Contact different universities

8. Exposing earthquake stations with details that will save human lives

9. Conclusion.Humanity should be ashamed

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